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– Zwift download for windows free

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Zwift download for windows free.Zwift Companion for PC

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If you want to run android apps on your Windows 11, this guide is for you.


Zwift download for windows free –


There are probably 15 decent streaming options for people who are looking for smart trainers. One of them is Zwift. This fitness application combines the fun of video games with the intensity of serious bike training. It is arguably the most interactive of all the options, as it lets you compete with other cyclists and choose the fork you will take mid-ride. It also lets you chat with and encourage fellow riders. Note that you still need your bike trainer and link it up to your device to enjoy the virtual environment.

Zwift takes your training to a new level by creating a virtual space. You also get training plans designed by world-class coaches. There are more than 1, structured workouts that you can pick to help you reach your goals. If you want, you can also create your own training plan.

You can also just go for a leisurely ride, take part in group rides, and even participate in live riding events. Zwift also allows you to monitor your progress and analyze your performance.

There is a leaderboard, which will show you how you are doing against other riders. It also shows your previous PRs on timed segments. All your data are saved as. Start Cycling Start Running. Check My Gear. Grab Your Bike.

Connect to Trainer. Download Zwift. Choose A Package. Find Gear. Hop on a Treadmill. Take Us For A Spin. Find Shop. Zwift Membership. Just go to their website and register. If you are unsure of your purchase, Zwift does allow you to get yourself a 7-day free trial of their application. So no rush, take your time! With everything set up and connected, all that is left is to use the application itself.

Your virtual avatar is what will be representing you in the world of Zwift. You can make it look like you, or not, works either way. There will be a lot of customization options, and more to be unlocked as you play through the game. Currently, there are eight different 3D rendered worlds to choose and ride on.

The main and common world will be the world of Watopia. This is the primary virtual server that riders can jump into anytime. Unlike Watopia, these worlds will be available two at a time in a given day to make sure the servers are well populated and balanced.

On the main menu screen, you can find the option to join online races. Once in, you only have to enter your name for public identification and select the category difficulty of your race. These categories include:. If you are a beginner, do consider starting at the D category, if nothing else but to get a feel for the race. Jump up categories when you are confident enough. Experience Points XP Points are awarded for every kilometer or mile that you ride. With enough points you can move on to the next level currently there are You can also unlock new cosmetics with enough XP.

In true gaming fashion, Boosts and PowerUps are also available. While riding these give you an edge over other cyclists. Think of Mario Kart.

There are also tournaments and events held regularly in specially crafted worlds. The two options available so far are the:.

Fun Fact: Due to the pandemic, the biggest race bicycle tournament in the world, Le Tour de France, was held virtually with the help of Zwift. The results of the races are publicly posted on their special website. Another great thing about Zwift is the ability to communicate and ride with your friends, family, crew members and other pro cyclists.

And also race against them! Just fire up your Zwift companion app, search for a name and send them a request. If your follow request was accepted, you can then set up a date, time and world to go along a virtual ride together. Short and long term Training Plans. Special race training plans, like TT or Crit. These multitudes of plans are as effective as they can get, as they are put together by real life coaches.

These can also be customized to suit your needs and time. You do not need to shift gears in ERG mode as the resistance of your smart trainer will automatically be adjusted by Zwift to match your power.


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